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Aquarium Maintenance

South Bend Aquarium Services specializes in the maintenance of saltwater and freshwater aquariums. We can come to your home or office and maintain your existing aquarium. We will clean the tank glass, stand, filters, and sand to have your tank looking its best.


Aquarium & Filtration Cleaning

We specialize in the cleaning of the tank glass, stand, protein skimmer/filters, sand, rocks, etc...  We can come to your home or office and help to make your aquarium healthier, and a cleaner environment for all of your livestock, customers, friends, and family to enjoy.


Equipment Replacing/Repair

We can diagnose equipment malfunctions with filters, protein skimmer, or faulty or overused bulbs and replace or repair these pieces of equipment.  This is to ensure your aquarium doesn't crash from too much waste/protein or to prevent algae blooms or your coral not having strong enough lighting to survive.